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I've got a project which has two source folders (main and lib). It produces a shared library and an executable. It is currently built as so:

  • copy all files from both folders into a new temp folder
  • run lib_makefile
  • run main_makefile
  • copy binaries out
  • delete temp folder

This struck me as being a weird way to do things, so I tried building each in-place by adding -I../main to lib_makefile (and vice-versa). Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work.

Illustrative example: foo.cpp (in lib) includes bar.h (in main), which includes baz.h (back in lib).

When I try to compile the shared lib, it correctly locates bar.h in main/, but then bails out with "no such file or directory" claiming it cannot find baz.h, even though baz.h is in the same directory as lib_makefile!

All includes are in the format #include "xxx.h" (i.e no relative paths in the include statements).

Is there a way to get this to work? I feel like I must be missing something obvious..

(nb: I can't modify the #includes because other people still build this the copy-everything-across way)

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Have you tried also adding something like -I../lib to the library makefile too? -

It does include 'this directory' but when processing a file in ../main that is 'this directory', not the one you ran make from -

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Deberías agregar algo como -I../lib (or whatever your library path is) to the makefile for the library as well.

The reason for this is that the pre-processor looks for include-files relative to the directory the corriente file is in, not from where the empresas de confitería el archivo está en formato.

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O simplemente -I. since that's the same as -I../lib cuando en el lib dir- jonathan wakely

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