Solución de base de datos recomendada para una página de preguntas frecuentes basada en JS [cerrado]

I would like to redevelop a large FAQs page in one of our website.

At the moment, the page is a static HTML document with all the (expandable) questions/answers pairs structured in a DL list, each list being a category.

However, this leads to SEO issues. I would like to find the best way to redevelop this section so that each question maps to a unique URL in Google.

This is a Java EE, Spring/Hibernate (Oracle in the background) application. However we do not want to use our Oracle DB to store the FAQs. We would like to keep this page as much client-driven as possible. I have read that single-page web apps are bad for SEO.

What are your recommendations, CouchDB, NoSQL, partials? We are already using jQuery, AngularJS and Gson in the background.

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This seems too broad and looks for opinions. Could this be re-worded to a more objective, fact-based question? Unfortunately, as it stands it's not a great fit for this site. -

What do you mean by "client driven"? Do you want the client browser to do all the db-lookup and page-construction? Do you want the Q&As to be stored on the client and not on the server? I don't see much of a point in sending the entire FAQ database to the client(unless it's a downloadable FAQ...) -

@IdanArye Indeed, I would like the browser to make the page construction using REST services. However, I do not see how to do that while ensuring good SEO -

What if you make a (dynamic) page for each question, en adición to the main questions page? That way, users can access everything easily from the main page, and search engines can look at the specific question pages. -

@IdanArye Excellent suggestion! I will need to store the FAQs in a DB then, would you recommend going for a NoSQL DB for such a scenario, I'm completely new to this NoSQL world so I don't know the pros/cons... -

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If you implement the idea I wrote in the comments, I see no reason not to put the FAQ on your Oracle database - since you no longer need to transfer the database to the user.

If you still insist on not using your Oracle database, I would suggest not using a database, but saving the questions in an XML\JSON file instead.

If you need database capabilities, I usually recommend SQLite, but use whatever tool you know best.

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