Ejecución de la aplicación de ejemplo Jspresso Human Resources

I have downloaded Jspresso Human Resource sample appplication from here:


I don't know about Jspresso framework. I just want to run this downloaded Human Resource Sample application and see how it works. But from the downloaded content I don't know how to make it run. It would be nice if I can run it from command prompt because later I want to profile the application with Java profiler (the profiler I use is command line tool). I already have JDK and Tomcat installed.

Does somebody know how to run this Human Resource sample application from Jspresso?

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No not yet. I am trying to nstall it in Ubuntu 12.04. Could you suggest some good and simple way to install it ? -

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I found how to install and make it run here:


Respondido 07 Abr '15, 15:04

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