¿Cómo recibir datos de SQL Server a la aplicación de Android, de manera autónoma?

I have created a web service which, querying a SQL Server, retrives several tables. I'm consuming this web service using KSoap2 package in Android application, and I want maintain alligned the tables on SQL Server and tables on Android Application. Many of the tables in SQL Server remain the same over time, but some others change frequently. I need an automatic mechanism for update the tables on Android Application, on the initiative of Server. I think I need a socket on Android application, for listening a signal transmitted from SQL Server, the meaning of which is "the data in some tables are changed". So, then, I can use the web service call for retrieves new data. Is this possible? anyone has suggestions?

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maybe not the best solution but ... you can try Ms Sync Framework y my Android implementation ... you can also use GCM to inform your application that data have change -

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The answer for you question is a Android Service class. It can sit behind the program and listen to changes going on your SQL server and update it in SQLite database (or whatever you have)

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