cómo escribir una consulta para agregar y eliminar operaciones a la vez [cerrado]

I have two tables,I have a button control,when i click on the button that record in table2 added to table1 and that record has to delete in table2. I wrote like

public ActionResult Accept( int id, string selectedVal)                         //To update Accept status
            var retrieveID = (from i in dbContext.groups
                              where i.groups_name == selectedVal
                              select new { groups_id = i.Usr_contacts_groups_id }).FirstOrDefault();

          var currentId = 1;
            var deleteQuery = dbContext.requests.Where(i => i.from_usr_id == id && i.to_usr_id == id).FirstOrDefault();

            contact contactGroup = new contact();

            contactGroup.groups_id = retrieveID.groups_id;
            contactGroup.groups_usr_id = currentId;


                return View();
            return Json(null);

I am able to add record in the table1 and deleting multiple records in table2 with "id" value in delete query.

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delete only that particular record not multiple records -

What's the primary key of table2? -

I have edited my question,My primary keys are userId ,bioId in table2 -

What is your question? And is this your actual code? It won't compile. -

Please show your mapping code. -

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that record in table2 added to table1 and that record has to delete in table2

I will assume, in plain English:

That record in table2 should be added into table1 and then deleted from table2

en otras palabras, Move record de table1 dentro table2, ¿derecho? (let's assume it is)

public ActionResult MoveRecord(int id) {

    // get Table 2 record
    var recordA = dbContext.table2.FirstOrDefault(x => x.bioId == id);

    // if we did find a record
    if (recordA != null) {

        // let's add it into Table 1
        var recordB = new Table2();
        recordB.id = recordA.id;
        recordB.value = recordA.value;

        // add to database

        // now that we have it in the database, let's delete the original on

        // save all changes

    return RedirectToAction("Index");

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Never mind balexandre. The OP changes his mind every 10 min. I think the issue's got to do with PK mismatches. - gert arnold

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