Versión Propel con Symfony 1.4.11

I went through few post but didn't find an answer to probably one of most simple questions. What is the estándar Propel version that comes bundled with symfony 1.4.11?

In one answer, I found a recommendation to use the awk command but unfortunately I'm on Windows, so that command will not run for me.

Another answer was to install different Propel Lib; please, no such answers.

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Have a look inside the /lib/symfony/vendors/propel folder (it's something like that, from memory). I would imagine it is version 1.3.x. I forget which file it is, but the version number is definitely in there (Propel.php?). I think it is a PHP class constant. -

Incidentally, why don't you want people to recommend you upgrade? You really debe install the 1.6.x plugin. -

Thanks. I'm looking the folder but not found till now. Probably its plugins folder. Upgrade is not possible as I need just to fix few minor feature enhancements on existing Symfony project (& I never worked with symfony before - headbang) -

I found this line in propel.php @version $Revision: 1691 $. Can we figure out exact version with that? -

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As far as I can tell, the answer is Propel 1.4.2. I'm looking at the CHANGELOG file from Symfony 1.4.11 (on the Espejo Github). The last change to the Propel version was in Symfony 1.4.5:

05/31/10: Version 1.4.5
 * [29218] updated Propel to 1.4.2

Edit: indeed this is made clear in the principal Propel class on line 93:

const VERSION = '1.4.2';

You can see this in your local system; the file is lib/plugins/sfPropelPlugin/lib/vendor/propel/Propel.php.

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Thanks for ans lonesomeday. Even if its 1.4.5, it solves my purpose. I was mainly interested to know if I could use new code (without criteria) provided with Propel 1.5. Answer probably seems to be 'No'. - Kapil Sharma

Simply give a look to the repositorio svn. Each symfony version are tagged. You will see:


So it uses Propel 1.4.2.

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