El cuadro de diálogo de la interfaz de usuario de Jquery se abre dos veces

I've got a problem with the UI Dialog.

After closing the dialog and reopening it, the dialog appears twice. One dialog with the old form data (which I dont want) and a new empty dialog.

I am closing the dialog after form submit in the following way:


I have also tried closing it this way:


Have anyone experienced similar behaviour?

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try destroy() method on it , if possible set up a fiddle in jsfiddle.net -

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While closing make sure that the dialog self-destructs..

  close: function(){
     $(this).dialog("destroy");// I also use .remove() but its redundant

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Hi, Robin. I just noticed that even if the second dialog disappeard when using your tip it does two requests the next time I am posting my form.. Got any solution to this? - ffffff01

@f01: Making "two requests" to? Sorry I still don't get the picture. Probably a fiddle? Or you could even ask a separate question altogether. - petirrojo maben

tratan .dialog( "destroy" ) método. Dialog.destroy


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tratar de poner


which can stop the behaviour like this

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