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I have a project running on production with Now I need to create another project to administrate the site. So I decided to go with MVC4. I have to use the same database, which has all the membership tables (aspnet_users and etc).

BUT MVC4 uses only 6 tables (Memberships,Profiles, and so on) with no 'aspnet_' in the left.

Now my problem is when I try to validate(Membership.Validate(username,password)) users in the existing database, the provider don't find the users. Because the provider is trying to search in the 'Memberships, users' table not in the 'aspnet_membership, aspnet_users' table.

In this case how would I integrate a new MVC4 project with my existing database ??

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MVC4 / .NET 4.5 Membership provider uses Membresía simple which has different table structures entirely.

However, it is apparently possible to change your provider back to the old .NET 2 provider in your web config - see here.

respondido 26 nov., 12:05

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