¿Puedo usar una etiqueta NFC para hacer algo más que iniciar mi aplicación?

I want the NFC tag data to prompt some code on my app. Is this possible and where can I read more about this?

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Yes, you can do lot's of stuff with NFC.

Puedes empezar leyendo el documentation of the NFC package y el guide on NFC.

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Yes. NDEF messages (the format mostly used for Android NFC) consists of a list of records, all which can contain different types of payload. So an Android Application Record can launch your application, and (for example) an External Type Record or Mime Record can contain info which is then read by your application and acted upon.

He creado un Complemento NFC Eclipse aimed at entry-level developers you might be interested in. It includes an Proyecto repetitivo de Android.

Respondido 28 ago 12, 12:08

Thanks! I understand and will explore your plugin. - JL

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