Los archivos de texto de Python se fusionan desde el subdirectorio [cerrado]

I am having many text files scattered across many subdirectories. Just want to have compiled single aggregate text file. My requirement is to generate text file that should have directory structure including file name as prefix for each line. TIA

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Your question lacks any sign of research, anything you've done yourself to try and solve the problem, things you've looked at, etc. -

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import os
root = './'
files = [(path,f) for path,_,file_list in os.walk(root) for f in file_list]
out_file = open('master.txt','w')
for path,f_name in files:
    in_file = open('%s/%s'%(path,f_name), 'r')

    # write out root/path/to/file (space) file_contents
    for line in in_file:
        out_file.write('%s/%s %s'%(path,f_name,line))

    # enter new line after each file


if you only want some files from the tree rooted at root change the third line to

# only take .txt files from the directory tree
files = [(path,f) for path,_,file_list in os.walk(root) for f in file_list if f.endswith('.txt')]

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Utilice las os.path for extracting the extensions and joining paths... - Katriel

10x, @MattiLyra i am getting syntax error for the 'in', in = os.open('%s/%s' % (path, f_name), 'r'). BTW files are in C:\\Tasks\\ folder. - user1582596

rather than using in and out use in_file and out_file - geo_pythoncl

in both cases don't use os.open() use just open() - geo_pythoncl

@user1582596 see updated code above - Matti Lira

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