Agregar protección con contraseña a la aplicación Iron-Speed

I have an Iron-Speed application generated from my database and wish to add password protection to all of the pages.

I already have a table in my database with usernames and passwords, how do I apply this to my Iron-Speed pages?

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Yes you just required to have 3 tables in your Database :

  • Usuarios
  • Roles
  • UserRoles (Relation between both)

It also create login automatically
and you can also get Users Info by Get methods of :


from any page

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After some investigation, I found that Iron-Speed (What a program!) already has a wizard built in for security purposes, such as password protection.

By going to Tools --> Role-Based Security Wizard, everything can bet set up by linking it to the relevant fields in the 'User' table in your database.

Respondido 28 ago 12, 12:08

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