SherlockMapActivity y evento onTap

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To have MapViewActivity inside ABS.

My probleme is I want to detect the onTap event on the map, not on the overlay and the onTap method doens't seems to be present in the SherlockMapActivity.class

Cómo hacerlo ?


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SherlockMapActivity es solo una extensión de MapActivity that add the capabilities of ActionBarSherlock En el correo electrónico “Su Cuenta de Usuario en su Nuevo Sistema XNUMXCX”. MapActivity. However, it doesn't add an onTap método y MapActivity doesn't provide one either.

I guess what you are trying to detect a tap on the MapView. Several methods exists in order to do so. One of my favorite is to add a custom Overlay that does nothing but detects the tap. This Overlay has to be added at the first overlay in the getOverlays()'s Listin order to have its onTap method called after all other Overlays

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Yep you are right, I miss read the code I found, there was an static Overlay on the middle on the Activity class and I thought, onTap was a MapActivity method... - viejo

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