¿Cómo puedo administrar esta conversión de cadena a int?


int TopAttuale = Int32.Parse("1579.998779296875");


System.FormatException: la cadena de entrada no tenía el formato correcto.

But that's what I have. How can I convert that string into INT (so 1579, I don't care about the comma)?

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You don't have a comma but a dot/decimal . If you don't care about it, remove it from the string. If you do care about what is after the decimal, than convert it to a float or double and round it off with Math.Ciel and convert it then to an int. -

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(int) double.Parse(inputstring)

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int TopAttuale = (int)double.Parse("1579.998779296875"); the result on Response.Write(TopAttuale); is -2147483648? - Markzzz

@markzzz What are you talking about? TopAttuale mantendrá el valor 1579. If you don't want to use parse methods from another reason, you can check out my answer. - Var simple

It sounds like you should parse it as a decimal first, then just cast to int. (Yo usaría decimal más bien que double as you've really tiene decimal input; decimal will represent your source data more accurately. It shouldn't make any difference though, by the time you cast it.)

// Parse using the invariant culture so that it always uses "." as the
// decimal separator
decimal parsed = decimal.Parse(text, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
int value = (int) parsed;

Alternatively, see if there's a decimal point, and if so trim everything after it, then parse the result.

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Con decimal yo obtengo Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.. With double I get -2147483648 as result :S - Markzzz

In fact double() returns 1,57999877929688E+15 : O - Markzzz

@markzzz: You shouldn't have done for the value you've given in the question. Perhaps you didn't give real sample data? Note the use of the invariant culture in my sample code. - jon skeet


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you are trying to convert a floating point value in integer, which is directly not possible. but if u have to do it than first convert string in double then convert double in integer.

       string str = "1579.998779296875";
        double val = Convert.ToDouble(str);
        int val1 = Convert.ToInt32(val);

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Trata Decimal.Parse método y emitir a int:

int TopAttuale = (int) Decimal.Parse(inputString)

vea la sección Decimal.TryParse método:

string value;
decimal number;

value = "1579.998779296875";
if (Decimal.TryParse(value, out number))
   int result = (int) number;
   Console.WriteLine("Unable to parse '{0}'.", value);

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This simply ignores everything that would come after the decimal point. Be warned, that this doesn't let you know if the string wasn't a number at all.

public int IntFromString(string str)
    int result = 0;

    foreach (char c in str)
        if (!char.IsDigit(c))

        result = result * 10 + c - '0';

    return result;

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Prueba este código.

decimal a= decimal.Parse("1579.998779296875");
int b=(int)a;
It displays 1579. As you need.

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