Reconocimiento de altavoz en la aplicación de iPhone

I want to track voice by using voice recognition functionality in iPhone App for security purposes.

Every user can record his/her voice and open the application by his/her voice being recognized only which was recored and stored in a database.

Does anyone have an idea or sample application for this functionality and how to implement it within an iPhone Application?

preguntado el 28 de agosto de 12 a las 11:08

@SibaPrasadHota nope. That's not what OP wants. OP wants to identify a user by his voice, and not merely recognizing speech. -

H2CO3 : you are right.. SibaPrasadHota : I want the same as H2CO3 said. -

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Comprar Mobbeel. They have biometric security solutions (iris, voice, face, hand geometry) for Android and iOS devices. You might want to check out Nuance's biometric solutions also. There is an open source biometric solution on SourceForge, but it does not seem to be very active. Also check out this QA on a Java voice biometric solution.

contestado el 23 de mayo de 17 a las 13:05

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