activar un clic al cargar la aplicación

I need to trigger a click on "Home" button on loading the app. Home should become red and it should show the corresponding paragraph in rectangle.

$('.showSingle').click(function () {
    $('#p' + $(this).attr('target')).show();

var active_link = 1; // Change this value to set the active link

I an using the abobe jquery code. Pls help me to figure out what is the prob

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Is this the actual code? If so, you aren't triggering the event on document ready, so nothing will happen because the relevant td aún no existe. -

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Tu llamada a trigger necesita estar adentro document.ready. You're accessing the DOM, so you have to wait for the browser to parse it. Also, make sure you set up the click event handler before you try to trigger the click. ¡Espero que esto ayude!

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Maybe the below selector doesn't have "showSingle" css class on it?


And what Abraham said (:

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