Recuperar el UDID del dispositivo usando

Is there a way to retrieve the device UDID using Trigger.IO? Would like to retrieve a universal device identifier.

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We don't have an API to retrieve the UDID because it's deprecated on iOS y aplicaciones puede ser rechazado si lo usan.

We actually create a unique instalar ID (not device ID) for Recargar - it's something we could expose in an API if needed in the future, but it doesn't seem particularly useful TBH!

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Ah thanks for this! We'd like to prevent users from registering multiple accounts of our service per device and thought that locking it down by UDID would be the simplest way. Oh well, back to the drawing board. - user1551227

"the preferred solution since iOS 6 is -[UIDevice identifierForVendor]" - see, I don't see any mention of this in the docs, so likely no support for this as yet.. - Zack

Basado en lo último documentos de la API - no.

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What I would suggest you to do is to "play" with preferences, by creating and using your own random UUID in a combination with a registration email address.

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