Reparación de una gran tabla mysql con myisamchk sin matar el servidor

Having a mysql table which is 50G and created with myisam index. I would like to repair it (it went corrupt) and I am attempting a myisamchk on it. THe problem is that it is taking too long and the Load Average on the server goes up (close to 30 or more). I am actually using:

 myisamchk --silent --force --fast --update-state \
> --key_buffer_size=512M --sort_buffer_size=512M \
> --read_buffer_size=4M --write_buffer_size=4M \
> tablename.MYI

any suggestions on the myisamchk arguments that will do a slow repair without overloading the processor?

preguntado el 28 de agosto de 12 a las 11:08

Try adding --verbose to check status and progress of the repairing. Also, time depends largely on the amount and complexity of indexes (composite keys) not the table size itself. Check this parameter as well… . -

thx setsuna. I will add verbose for some info -

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