directshow cuál es el mejor componente para usar

hi every one there please i need some info i have created app using directshow &c++ for image processing so the thing is that i need to create a sophisticated GUI i have used win32 components which don't fulfill my needs and my expectations plus difficult to tweak specailly with events so i got to find a solution i thought about using jni and merge c++'s functionality with java's the swing components . the other choice is to use the window form(.net) but if i'm right i need to use (i don't know how to use it )

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use matlab or comsol components -

no i just need a beautiful interface with panels & area where to draw something "use matlab or comsol components " are for other purpose -

DirectShow for ... camera capture? Something like this Cómo usar JavaCV en un applet? -

Or JavaFX ¿quizás? -

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Qt is most often called the best C++ framework for building GUIs.

Windows Forms is quite nice. Don't be afraid of using DirectShow.Net, it looks very similar to C++ but easier. You can take a look at GraphEditPlus, it can generate DirectShow graph building code in both C++ and C# (for DirectShow.Net), so you can see how semantically the same code looks in two languages. Also, GraphEditPlus itself is an example of Windows Forms application working with DirectShow.

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"but if i'm right i need to use". No, not really. You can create an activex control in C++ that wraps your current code and use that instead in .Net with Windows.Forms.

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