La consulta se ejecuta como 1 es igual a 1 en lugar de verificación nula

I am trying to select all the rows where the 'Value' column is null or whitespace. It is of type nvarchar and is allowed nulls.

When executed the following query does not produce the correct sql.

            a =>
            a.Data.All(ad => ad.AccountTag.Id != currentTag.Item1)
            || a.Data.Any(ad => ad.AccountTag.Id == currentTag.Item1 && string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(currentTag.Item2)))

The string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace function converts to 1 /* @p3 */ = 1

I've tried using the above function and also using currentTag.Item2 == null || currentTag.Item2.Equals(string.Empty) both with the same results.

Full SQL below

select data2_.Id from   [isnapshot.Client].[dbo].AccountData data2_
    where  account0_.Id = data2_.ClientAccountId
    and data2_.AccountTagId = 1 /* @p2 */
    and 1 /* @p3 */ = 1)

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The query is correct. currentTag is a local variable that has nothing to do with the query. Therefore the expression string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(currentTag.Item2) será evaluado antes de que it even is converted to SQL and the result is either true (1) o false (0), which will be the value of p3.

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It's only when someone else looks at your code you realise what an idiot you are. currentTag.Item2 debería haber sido ad.Value Would never have noticed if you didn't point it out. Thank you - JConstantino

@JLevett: Sometimes you are just blind for the most obvious things. It happens to everyone once in a while :-) - daniel hilgarth

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