Desfragmentación de archivos de base de datos db4o muy grandes

I have a very large ( 102gb ) db4o .yap file that i am trying to defragment. I keep getting a java heap space error. Is there something i can do to tweak the settings to prevent this? I am already setting the objectCommitFrequency to 10000. I am giving the java process 3 gigs of memory to run this but it still crashes.

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The only thing which might help is to use the DatabaseIdMapping. But I guess you already tried this, no?

IdMapping mapping = new DatabaseIdMapping("temporary-mapping.tmp");
DefragmentConfig config = new DefragmentConfig("database.db4o", "database.db4o.back", mapping);


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Thanks for the response, just saw this now. When i come back to this issue I will give this a try. Thanks again. - Andy Rayne

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