Cómo crear una animación en xcode como la pantalla de inicio de zite en iPad

I would like to create an app where the startup screen plays a simple animation.

For example, in the Zite app for iPad, the tiles are all bunched up at the start and then once loaded they all scatter in a set place where the news articles are.

How can animations be created?

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As you mention an iPad app as an example I guess you want your animation to play on iOS, and for that, Apple wrote a great Core Animation Programming Guide.

Respondido el 24 de Septiembre de 12 a las 07:09

Thank you very much, i managed to find a solution for this but i also found some other things i was looking for in that guide :) - andres gierens

No problem, Andrew, good luck with this and you may want to upvote my answer. - Richard Altenburg - Una creación

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