Obtener valor antiguo de CComboBox

  1. User changes the value in a CComboBox.
  2. La función OnCbnSelchangeXXX() se llama.

Can I retrieve the old CComboBox´s old value in the function?

preguntado el 28 de agosto de 12 a las 13:08

To the moderators: I don't understand what happened here. Someone answered this question a while ago and I commented on that answer. Now that I hit F5 in my browser to refresh the page and see if he had answered my comment neither the answer nor my comment are there. A bug? Or was the answer and my comment removed? -

This answer was deleted by the owner, because he decided that it was incorrect (and it was incorrect indeed). -

Regarding your question - this is impossible, just keep old selection in some variable. -

Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me :) -

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