Encontrar el nombre de una ventana emergente en JavaScript

I am creating multiple popup windows for chatting. Now my problem is how to find uniquely from which SendMessage() is called from popup window for sending message to other person. At least how to find the name of pop window.

Please help me so that I can move forward

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Could you please provide more details? The question is quite vague, in my opinion. I'm not even sure what SendMessage() is. ;-) Is it a built in function? Something you wrote? Maybe explain more about what you're hoping to accomplish because there might also be a better alternative. -

Are you trying to get find out the name variable of a previous call to window.open(name, url [, ...])? -

@line-o it's (url, name [, ...]) :PAG -

SendMessage() is not a built in function but a user defined method to send msgs using websocket. -

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to just answer your question, it is the name propiedad la window objeto.


por ejemplo:

var myWindow = window.open('','someName','width=200,height=100');
myWindow.document.write("<p>This window's name is: " + myWindow.name + "</p>");

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Thank you very much for response .It helped me. - sasi krishna

You can provide your name to the window like this

myWindow.document.write("This window's name is: " + myWindow.name );


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Thanks for ur response.it helped me. - sasi krishna

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