Obtenga datos de 3 tablas y muestre una buena tabla

I have 3 tables: users, rooms, room_access. in users is: user1, user2, user3 in rooms: room1 room2 roomN (i have about 10 rooms) room_access (room,uid): room1, 1; room2,1; roomN,1; room2,3; room1,3;

So. User3 have access to room1, user2 have access to roome, etc. In admin area i want to display that: necesito eso

Basically table rooms content is displayed table header and table users content is displayed table rows. Maybe there is way that i can select all that data in single query? And where is check symbol, there i want to place checkboxes. So. I don't know how to made that table.

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Please demonstrate what you have tried already - show us a mysql query you have tried, and some (html?) markup you have already got. Please see Cómo preguntar una buena pregunta -

i tried nothing. because i am thinking how to get data from database. I would be happy if it was one query. Drawing table in browser not problem. Problem is - how to get data from database ... -

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Essentially you are trying to return the data via a PIVOT. MySQL does not have a PIVOT function so you can use a combination of aggregate functions and a CASE statement. If you know ahead of time the number of rooms that you will have you can use:

select u.uname,
  max(case when r.rname = 'room 1' then 'y' else 'n' end) room1,
  max(case when r.rname = 'room 2' then 'y' else 'n' end) room2,
  max(case when r.rname = 'room 3' then 'y' else 'n' end) room3
from users u
left join room_access ra
  on u.uid = ra.userid
left join rooms r
  on ra.roomid = r.rid
group by u.uname

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But if you have an unknown number of rooms then you can use a prepared statement to create a dynamic version

SET @sql = NULL;
      'MAX(CASE WHEN rname = ''',
      ''' THEN ''Y'' ELSE ''N'' END) AS ',
      replace(rname, ' ', '')
  ) INTO @sql
FROM rooms;

SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT u.uname, ', @sql, ' 
                  from users u
                  left join room_access ra
                    on u.uid = ra.userid
                  left join rooms r
                    on ra.roomid = r.rid
                  group by u.uname');

PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;

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