Aplicación de control que se inicia en Android

I want to build an Android app that protects particular app with some mechanism of protection, something like password. I was searching over Internet how to achieve to control app launching on Android, but I couldn't find an answer.

I want that on particular app start, user gets view on which he needs to type, for example some password.

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im not sure if i am getting this... you want to write a app, which "protects" other apps, so you can only start those other apps with a password? -

i would have said it aint possible, but since it obviously is i cant help... very intresting question therefore... -

did you find out something? i so, would be nice if you post an answer yourself, i'd like to know how this can be done. -

@user232343 can u pls share your knowledge how u have done /? -

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you can have an start activity which ask for username password etc..by matching it with database you can start new activity or you can close app on mismatch.

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OP wants to protect other apps, now his own - Marcin Orlowski

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