complemento jquery-countdown, cambiando altura y ancho

Estoy utilizando este plugin for a countdown clock

Its great, but I need it to be smaller, and when I adjust the height and the width of the code and PNG, everything gets thrown off. I change the height and width to the same ratio it was originally created in:

digitWidth: 67,
digitHeight: 90,

cambiado a:

digitWidth: 30,
digitHeight: 41,

And made change the PNG to a width of 30px as well. Is there anything else I can do so the numbers do not get all screwed up when I change the size?

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mantener su


and after you initialize the conter by the function


agrega esta línea


hay un problema con el background-size

Respondido 31 ago 12, 15:08

The numbers still seem to be off, you can see a demo here: - Xiano

I found the sweet spot, the DigitHeight needs to be: 40.32px - Xiano

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