devolución de llamada de Ruby cuando cambia el estado

Is there a way to provide similar functionality in ruby to what añadir reloj does in clojure? I am looking for a way to register a block/proc/lambda as a callback on a data structure, say a hash, and be called whenever the state of the hash changes.

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yes, there is a way to provide such functionality as evident in Activerecord::Observer -

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Yes, you can do this in Ruby, but you'll need to build up the infrastructure yourself or find a library that does it.

Porque Ruby's "duck" typing, a method that expects a Hash instance can be given a class instance that looks, feels, and sounds like a hash. The receiving method can just treat the object as a hash and everything will be fine.

Mientras tanto, your other software will know that it is really an ObservableHash (or whatever you decide to call it.) And you will have registered your callback-on-change methods, etc.

Aquí hay una blog that will help get you started on creating your ObservableHash.

A final tip: be sure to implement todos of the Hash methods. That way the other methods that receive it won't be able to tell the difference between an observable_hash and a hash.

It is my understanding that the Rails ActionController#params "hash" is, in fact, a class instance that seems to be a hash (but really isn't). Look up its source to check it out.

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Thanks @JonasElfström -- very helpful. - larry k

Here are some examples of aspect oriented programming if that is what you are after:

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