Anotaciones JAXB para enumeraciones

I have the following enum definition:

public enum MyEnumeration{


  private String code;
  private String description;

  public String getDescription()
     return this.description;

  public String getCode()
     return this.code;

And I want to annotate it with Jaxb annotations so it will be marshalled into the following xml.


I've tried several approaches, but wasn't succesful. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Podrías escribir un XmlAdapter that converts the enum into a domain object with those properties. For examples of using XmlAdapter ver:

Respondido 28 ago 12, 14:08

Thanks for your answer, but your link shows me several blogposts. Which would you suggest to review? Or else how would I start doing this? - bjarne77

@Bjarne77 - This would be a good one to use: - bdoughan

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