IPhone de comunicación dual de servidor y cliente [cerrado]

After coding a simple multi player game to be played on the same device I'm interested in writing a server for the game so it could be played across several devices.

Which technologies do you use to write a server, which allows dual communications between the client and server?

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NSStream is what you use, it is an abstraction of enchufes

un ejemplo es aquí, the server is written in python but if you scroll down you can get to the client iPhone code. You can program the server in any language with a socket api.

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I realize that, but NSStream is an abstraction which does make it slightly easier. You are not going to get "dual" communication with webservices. You would have to use "Polling" - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polling_(computer_science) - tom fobear

welp, your out of options then! - tom fobear

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