¿Qué herramienta puedo usar para rastrear la eficiencia de cada función en un programa C++?

I am now developing a relatively large C++ program, which is composed of several functions. The C++ program will run these functions sequentially. What I want to know is how much time and how much memory each function would occupy. For the time consumption one solution is use the BOOST::Timer library. For the memory usage, however, I cannot find right library to do the job. I was wondering whether you have some ideas on this question. Moreover, does someone know some tools that can create a program efficiency report similar to MATLAB profile? ¡Gracias!

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You didn't specify your OS or compiler. What you want is generally known as a perfilador. Using timer for profiling is not a good idea. For memory profiling look for "heap-profiler".

If available for your platform, I'd recomend valgrind's macizo heap-profiler and optionally visualizador de macizos.



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