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Im using .net c# MVC3 Model. I need to show a gif called loading when I click save on the page. I used <img src="sourcepath" alt="loading" style="display:none"/> and trying to display it whenever user clicks save button using jquery. I have stored the image temporarily in views folder. Unfortunately, i could not see image on the screen. I can see its division with a small red cross cancel button.

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You have to add an url to the image in the attribute src, that's why you get an red cross. -

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If you're seeing the broken image icon, it means your src "sourcepath" is wrong. You would normally put static content in the Content folder of your site, and access it using /Content/imagename.jpg or /Content/Images/imagename.jpg o similar.

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Try to use the search, here you can find an solution the show an spinner when doing ajax requests:

¿Cómo mostrar la carga de spinner en jQuery?

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