¿Cómo proporcionar un enlace externo usando echo en php?

I am trying to store some link in database, for example www.google.com. Lets say after pulling the value from database I stored it in $url. Now, I am trying to set the link by doing

echo "<a href=$url>link</a>"

Now, the problem - whenever I click on the link the links goes to www.mydomain.com/www.google.com

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Tienes que agregar http:// to the beggining of the link. EG:

 echo "http://$url";


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Or store the "http://" as part of the string in the database. This is probably preferred, since you'll occasionally need to differentiate between http and https. (Or mailto: or tel: or whatever.) - Alex Howansky

Actually, I think I'd just do a string check on the link first. If it already starts with a protocol indicator, then echo it as is, else prepend http:// to it. Then you can store them either way. - Alex Howansky

Can you please provide the code you're using? It should work providing $url tiene el prefijo http:// - Andy

This might depend on the browser, but links are always relative and outbound links should include the correct http or https protocol specification.

Respondido 28 ago 12, 15:08

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