Matriz de objeto personalizado de .NET a VB6

I've written a small library in C#.

In this library there are two classes that are ComVisible.

The first one has a method that provide a array of custom objects (declared in the second class).

I tested the library with a small c# application and everything work. Then I do the same thing VB6. The problem occurs when I call the method I descibed before. I get a Type Mismatch error.

Here's the BV6 code:

   Private Sub Command1_Click()
       Dim Flussi As FMDriver.FMDriver  
       Set Flussi = New FMDriver.FMDriver
       Dim temp() As FMDriver.FM
       temp = Flussi.GetElabData(station, codpar, data, tabella, nfunz, tiponfunz)

This is the custom class FM

public partial class FM
    public FM() { }

    public double Value { get; set; }

    public double IDisp { get; set; } 

Any idea? If from the response I extract only one element it works.


Another strange thing...

Dim pippo As FM
Set pippo = CreateObject("")
pippo.Value = 100
pippo.IDisp = 43    
pippo = Flussi.GetElabData( [..cut..] )(4)

In Pippo.Value there's the correct value that GetElabData return on the 4th position of the array but in Pippo.IDisp the value doesn't change, it remains 43instead of getting the new value.

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this is a complete sample that shows how to solve your problem i hope it could help you -

Si Dim temp() As Object or Dim temp As Variant, would that get around the Type Mismatch? -

Hassan Wasef, maybe you post on the wrong question? :) Rskar, if I use Object or Variant I get the same error. :( -

Whats the definition and code behind FMDriver.GetElabData()? -

[ComVisible(true)] public FM[] GetFMData( [...cut...] ) { List<FM> _Result = new List<FM>(); // [... bla bla bla ...] return _Result.ToArray<FM>() } -

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In the end I created all my beautifull methods that returns custom obj (for .NET apps) and a couple of methods, dedicated to VB6, with the [ComVisible(true)] tag, that returns more siple arrays of values (part of the result of the other methods). So I think that returning custom Obj to VB6 it's not very reliable and sometimes it doesn't work at all.

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