trabajando con Razor y javascript para obtener un elemento de lista desplegable

I am trying to change the text of a div depending on the selected element in the drop down list

this is what I have in my view.

<select name="Department"  id="Department" onchange="mychange(this.value);">
@foreach (string s in Model.DepartmentList)
    <option value="@s.ToString()">@s.ToString()</option>
will be assign to:
<div id="testjs" > @Model.assignedtoList.ElementAt(1) </div>

and in my java script

    function mychange(value) {
    var dropDown = document.getElementById("Department");
    var indx = dropDown.selectedIndex;
    document.getElementById("testjs").innerText = "@(Model.assignedtoList.ElementAt(indx))";

the error is caused at the "@(Model.assignedtoList.ElementAt(indx))"; since the indx variable could not be found. How can I get around it?

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The JavaScript code is executed after the server-side code. I donot think you will be able to pass índice from javascript to server side razor code.

Try using Ajax.

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I just noticed that after looking at other issues. I am looking for another approach now by creating an array in js. Thanks - Ammar

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