función igraph para la versión de la biblioteca c

In the python library of igraph one can search for the ID of a node based on its attributes

seqIDs =, attribute2)

Is there a function like this for the c library version of igraph ?

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No, there isn't, and it's unlikely that there will be any in the near future - the costs (in development time) far outweigh the benefits, especially since most of the igraph users use one of the higher level interfaces and not interact with the C core directly.

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So do you have any suggestions how could I implement such a feature ? I am thinking of implementing a separate Vector that is ordered by attribute1 (index) which stores Structs with the id of the node and the 2nd attribute. Does it make sense ? - Stefan Pantea

Puedes empezar a leer aquí: It is not very difficult, but you need to implement the functions in the igraph attribute handling table. You can look at the cattributes.c file to see how the current simple C attribute handler is implemented (…). - Gabor Csardi

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