Publicar JavaDoc en Jenkins con maven

I have maven project that is built by Jenkins-CI. How to generate and publish JavaDoc on Jenkins?

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  1. Make sure Jenkins javadoc plugin is installed.
    Utilice la herramienta to see list of intalled plugins.
    Página de complementos
  2. Configure Jenkins job:
    In Build section, Goals and options line add:


That's all. No need to change pom.xml

Jenkinsns job view

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I needed to use javadoc:aggregate in order for them to be published - jeremyjjbrown

con javadoc:javadoc the link is available for each module. with javadoc:aggregate it is back to the project status page. See - no comprobado

Can I do both a build and a javadoc at the same time? - Lennart Rolland

The simplest thing to do is to create a separate task that runs thr javadoc command, and which runs after the compile task. You pass it the input and output directories.

I would run a separate tomcat for your CI website - it's easier.

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I think this answer is for Ant, not Maven. - Pablo Verest

agreed - this sounds like an ant answer - jayunit100

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