jquery: ¿cómo accedo a un elemento de matriz en un objeto jquery?

Heres the problem. I am building a jquery program that lets me create and position divs on a drawing area. I need to keep track of the divs, their location, CSS proterties and other details. So, I am creating an object that contains an array of all these items for each div.

This is the code fragment for creating the object.

var divData= {items: [
{ID: "21", Block: "Block_01", posX : "450", posY : "540" },
{ID: "43", Block: "Block_02", posX : "250", posY : "440" },
{ID: "46", Block: "Block_03", posX : "50", posY : "54" },
{ID: "54", Block: "Block_04", posX : "140", posY : "210" },
{ID: "55", Block: "Block_05", posX : "900", posY : "820" },
{ID: "79", Block: "Block_06", posX : "380", posY : "520" }

And this is the code that I have written to display the contents of the array.

alert ('array length is : ' + divData.items.length);

This statement returns a value of 6 which is correct, Also, I can push data into the array with this statement the alert statement now says 7.

divData.items.push({ID: "266", Block: "Block_01", posX : "450", posY : "540" });

The problem is when I try to display the contents of the array with the following code, nothing happens.

for (var i=0;i<divData.items.length;i++)
document.write(divData.items[i] + "<br>");

The output on the screen is this [object Object] seven times.

¿Qué estoy haciendo mal?

Cualquier ayuda será muy apreciada.

Muchas Gracias


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The 'items' in your array are objects. You can't output an object on the screen directly. You have to specify which property of the object you are trying to access:

for (var i = 0;i < divData.items.length; i++)
  document.write(divData.items[i].ID + "<br/>"); // access the OBJECT's property!

Es posible que desee hacer algo me gusta:

for (var i = 0;i < divData.items.length; i++)
  $("#container").append("<div class='positionedDiv' id='" + divData.items[i].ID + "' style='top: " + divData.items[i].posY + "px;left:" + divData.items[i].posX + "px;></div>");

Algo de CSS:

.positionedDiv {
  position: absolute; 

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Got it. Thanks so much, I just didn't make the obvious connection. Thanks so much. - Chris

Just of interest, how would I delete a row? - Chris

@Chris: If this answers your question, then make sure to upvote the answer and mark it as accepted. :) - johankj

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