View.setBackground() configurando el fondo de ImageButton?

I have an ImageButton:


This is part of a seperate activity that is started from my main activity:

Intent intent = new Intent(this, BookRead.class);

Once in the new activity I call the NextPage method upon ImageButton click:

public void NextPage(View view)

'res' is defined in my new activity in the onCreate method:

res = this.getResources();

For some reason when I click my ImageButton it changes the background on the ImageButton itself instead of the activity layout.

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Prueba a imprimir view. What does it return? It's probably passing in the button instead -

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An imagebutton is also a view, and you are probably passing the imagebutton view to the NextPage method.

You could either get the correct view by referencing it from XML or do something like view.getParent().

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That did it! Thank you!. I used: View parentView = (View)view.getParent(); Worked great! - Puntilla

The onClick method receives the view which is actually clicked.

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