Cómo empezar a ejecutar con MSVC

Starting from the beginning !! can anybody here help me how to start running C project with MSVC ?

I have all the source files under:

src/ directory

all the header files under:

inc/ directory 

and few of the source under:

test/ directory

test directory contains makefile Para el proyecto

How can I use the same setup in MSVC for compilation and debugging ?

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Which version of MSVC are you using? -

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La parte superior de mi cabeza,

  1. Crea un espacio de trabajo. Determine whether your application is a command-line, GUI, DLL, etc.
  2. Crear un proyecto (or projects depending on how your application is structured).
  3. Add each file to the appropriate project.
  4. Set compiler options if any.
  5. Compile and fix any portability issues (such as compiler directives).

Regarding your makefile, check out esta respuesta de Stack Overflow que habla de CCCL.

cccl is a wrapper around Microsoft Visual C++'s cl.exe and link.exe. It converts Unix compiler parameters into parameters understood by cl and link.

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