Lista de consultas de Hibernate dentro de un objeto

Tengo una clase

public class Human{

  private List<Pets> myPets;
  //other fields here.

Is is it possible to query the human class and get the human with the most number of pets? can Hibernate/HQL do this or do I have to manualy get all humans and query list of pets they contain?? if so how?

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HQL allows you to query on the size of a list as follows:

select max(h.myPets.size) from Human h

You can therefore use this as a inner statement to find the human object(s) whose pet.size is equal to the max:

from Human h where h.myPets.size = (select max(h2.myPets.size) from Human h2)

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can you explainyour code, it finally worked but a little explanation would not hurt - user962206

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