Los íconos de arranque de Twitter no se muestran, cuando los activos se sirven a través de Amazon CDN

I am working on RoR. Using twitter bootstarp for my website front end design. And planning to use amazon cdn as asset host. I pushed all the static files to amazon. I am using amazon-s3 as cdn origin. Pushed the sprite images glyphicons-halflings y glyphicons-halflings-white in to the cdn and importing it to bootstrap_and_overrides.css.less como

@iconSpritePath: asset-path("icons/glyphicons-halflings");
@iconWhiteSpritePath: asset-path("icons/glyphicons-halflings-white");

But it is not working. Then I created a separate icon.css.less created styles for each image separately.

But still the icons are not taking effect. All the other styles are taking effect and there is only a problem for icons. Can anyone give any suggestions. I am totally stuck on this.

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Can you post the generated css to see what path was actually used as a replacement for your @iconxxx variables? -

Please explain your problem in more detail and show your configuration settings, source code or even the website you are working on. -

Did you find the answer @Menon -

Sorry for the late replay. Ya We have solved the issue by pre-compiling the assets and pushing in to amazon using asset sync -

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On your bootstrap.less file make sure you have this line

@import "sprites.less";

This less file provides the class "icon" to use the icons. Then you can use it this way:

<i class="icon icon-file"></i>

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