cargar md2 en android aparece como color blanco

I am new to 3d animation in android. I tried to load a md2 object from min3d example.
But it animates as white colored.

My source code is below

    public void initScene() {
        scene.lights().add(new Light());
        IParser parser = Parser.createParser(Parser.Type.MD2,
                getResources(), "net.mygame:raw/ogro", true);
        ogre = parser.getParsedAnimationObject();
        ogre.scale().x = ogre.scale().y = ogre.scale().z = .07f;
        ogre.rotation().z = -90;
        ogre.rotation().x = -90;

If anyone experienced the same problem or do u know solution, help me to come across this problem. Thanks

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After a long search i found the solution myself. I forgot to add texture image in drawable folder. When i added it, got the animation which was perfect.

Respondido 26 Abr '13, 05:04

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