Highslide: ¿es posible enviar una solicitud de fondo a un script php al abrir una foto?

I use What is Highslide JS to show photos on my website. I like it very much but the problem is that users want to know some statistics - nicknames of people who have viewed their photos, number of hits for each photo, etc.

Is there any way how to add additional details (like id="25-478" in my example) to a link and send them to a php script when user opens a photo with Highslide JS?

<a href="/es/x.jpg" class="highslide" id="25-478" onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'grp1'})"><img src="/x.jpg" alt="" title="" /></a>

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Highslide itself has no solution for using php script. But maybe you can use captionID or hs.custom

Respondido el 12 de junio de 13 a las 03:06

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