¿Cómo usa la biblioteca jQuery $ en lugar de "JQuery" para hacer referencia a objetos?

I want to have a shorthand like the $ symbol as used by JQuery for quick reference to an object that is widely used throughout my code.

¿Cómo puede hacerse esto?

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$ in jQuery is just a JavaScript variable name;

var $ = 5;

Or if you want to add functionality

var $ = {};
$.myMethod = function(){ 

Ver esta sección de libros about namespacing and modules.

What jQuery does in its source code:

// Expose jQuery to the global object
window.jQuery = window.$ = jQuery;

They just assign an object reference to the object jQuery a window.$

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Or var $ = someOtherFunctionOrObject given the question title is asking how to use a short name as shorthand for a longer name (where both names would refer to the same object). - nnnnnn

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