excepción de meteorito: el paquete llamado enrutador no existe

I am trying to create new meteor + meteor-router project. I installed meteor and meteorite and then:

$ meteor create myapp
$ cd myapp
$ mrt add router
$ meteor

Whet I get is the following exception:

[[[[[ ~/dev/naorye/fbsignature/V1/linkit ]]]]]

No dependency info in bundle. Filesystem monitoring disabled.
=> Errors prevented startup:
Exception while bundling application:
Error: The package named router does not exist.
    at _.extend.initFromPackageDir (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/packages.js:155:13)
    at _.extend.initFromWarehouse (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/packages.js:197:10)
    at Object._.extend.get (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/packages.js:347:15)
    at self.api.use (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/bundler.js:111:28)
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Function._.each._.forEach (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/lib/node_modules/underscore/underscore.js:79:11)
    at Object.self.api.use (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/bundler.js:110:9)
    at _.extend.init_from_app_dir [as on_use_handler] (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/packages.js:238:11)
    at _.extend.use (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/bundler.js:450:11)
    at Object.exports.bundle (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/bundler.js:859:12)
    at /Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/run.js:694:26
    at exports.inFiber (/Users/naorye/.meteor/tools/275efdf2db/tools/fiber-helpers.js:24:12)

Please fix the problem and restart.

¿Alguna idea de cuál es el problema?

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You need to start your app with mrt en contraposición a meteor (Meteorite uses mrt as a shell for everything meteor can do, except that it incorporates the packages into your app)

Update: In the newer version's of Meteorite this need not apply anymore. Packages added with mrt add xxx should 'just work' with meteor.

Respondido el 24 de junio de 13 a las 20:06

So I just need to type 'mrt' instead of 'meteor'? - naor

yes thats it. meteor doesn't know how to find packages installed with mrt add xxx - Tarang

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