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I have a windows 8 computer that i use as an access point using conectar as the hotspot software. I want to control my clients by blocking and allowing some of their applications, such as skype or any other applications accessing the Internet. I wanted to know if there is a way i can do it using - something like blocking applications by application name.

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Better use a 3rd party software. Don't reinvent the wheel. -

@Neolisk can u suggest the wheel? -

I wanted to do this because i wanted it to configure automatically when demand has changed i.e high or low. -

If you better describe what you want, I could certainly suggest a suitable wheel for it. Some examples: Kerio Firewall (used to be called like that), cFosSpeed - if you just want to auto-shape traffic, so nobody takes whole channel for themselves. Another auto-shaping mechanism is using a DD-WRT router - you can set traffic priorities there. -

Más ejemplos: NetSpeedMonitor y DUMeter - found by googling. CCProxy - "Powerful Internet Access Control Software". -

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