Agregar elementos al adaptador simple dinámicamente

I have a very simple question. I'm working on an Android application where I make use of Simple Adapter for ListView. Now I need to append items to this ListView dynamically. I know it is possible to do so in case of Array Adapters.

Se hace de la siguiente manera:


Is there any equivalent for the same in case of Simple Adapters? I couldn't find much relevant links regarding this on the net.

Amablemente ayuda.

Gracias de antemano!

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I think not, but you always can create a new SimpleAdapter y llama setAdapter again with the new adapter.

If you are going to add/remove elements you, probably, need some other adapter not a SimpleAdapter. Because they say in the docs that SimpleAdapter is 'An easy adapter to map datos estáticos to views defined in an XML file'

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Actually, I don't think that you even need to create a new SimpleAdapter in this case - just call setAdapter after the change - GrisBarbudoGeek

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