Cómo acceder a la clave api de google para google maps android api key versión 1

As you know Google do not support Google Maps API version 1.0 form some days ago. But I had started developing an android application with this API and now when I want to publish it, I can not achieve a Google Map API key. A have some search along some days and find that upgrading to the API version 2 will takes many times.

Is there any way that I access to a API Key for version 1 and publish my application in it deadline ( it is 2 days later) and then I upgrade to the second version for my feature updates?

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have you generate key for google maps API V1 -

developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/v1 check the note on the page. If you have a key generated before the date mentioned you can use the same. Now it is not possible. Switch to api v2 -

I just have a key for debug. -

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Since Google maps API V1 is deprecated you need to use Google maps API V2. Take a look at the following example by Vogella.It is Simple.This is the last option that you have. So Don't waste time. Just Do it.

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