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This is my first question, and I've finally resorted to asking as my hours of googles haven't returned anything good. Would it be possible to convert this batch script to a Linux shell?

@echo off
cd ../bin
color 0a
Title DavidScape 508
"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin\java.exe" DavidScape/Server 43594


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Thanks, but do you know how? -

What is it that have you tried? -

I did many searches about how to convert them. I've just been really confused, and Wine has been giving me errors as well. I tried changing the cd and echo to #/bin/sh, but overall I've been very stuck -

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Something close would be:

cd ../bin
echo -ne "\033[40;1;32m"
java DavidScape/Server 43594

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Literal translation! Nice.. :) - Praveen Kumar Purushothaman

Using literal ANSI color codes is not a best practice -- not all terminals support ANSI; using tput will provide a color code only if one is available for the current terminal. - Carlos Duffy

I'd say the number of systems not having tput is greater then the terminals where such a sequence would cause a problem. not all system have ncurses. - mata

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