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Hello guys I am new to yii frame work and I am following larry ullman's instructions on the e-book. The problem I have is: when I'm creating new migration I keep on getting this error

The migration directory does not exists:application.migrations

I use the command : $ yiic migrate create <name>

Thank you guys for helping me understand yii.

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do you have directory "project/protected/migrations"? is it writeable? -

I do have the directory "protected/migrations" but I dont know If its writeable? how will I check that? -

In unix/linux you can check ls -la projectpath/protected/migrations What webserver do you use? -

I am currently using XAMPP Sir -

sin que importe yiic executed from? it should be from protected directory of your project. I mean you should execute cd /project/protected/ before migrate -

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I have noticed that the answer for this issue have been answered in the comments section, but may not be noticable for others.

Solo para resumir:

  1. Necesitas ejecutar el yiic dentro de protected directorio
  2. Debería haber un yiic.bat dentro de protected directorio
  3. En algunos casos, el migration directorio dentro del protected directory must be available beforehand and is writable.

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I didn't have the yiic.bat (as well as the yiic file) in my protected directory, your answer helped me...thanks. - noticias2001

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